Everything you need to THRIVE as a new teacher.

Interview Bootcamp

  • The most commonly asked interview questions for new teachers
  • The most complete and thorough answers for those questions
  • Beyond the “best answers,” a deeper dive into what master teachers understand about these questions

The New Science of Learning

  • Everything you need to know about the newest understandings in learning science
  • The brain-based instructional strategies that you weren’t taught in teacher prep classes, and that will set you apart from other new teachers
  • An all-important theoretical basis for just about everything else you will think about or do in the classroom

Beginning at the Beginning

  • Foundations for new teachers: classroom management, lesson planning, understanding curriculum documents, planning for differentiated instruction, and  more
  • Common pitfalls, dos & don’ts, and sage advice from master teachers
  • Practical guidance on matters such as back to school night, classroom observations, student discipline, and more

Intermediate & Advanced Pedagogy

  • Strategies for developing better handouts, asking better questions, and increasing student participation
  • Enhance your learning environment with Universal Design for Learning and with the purposeful integration of technology
  • Understand and infuse pedagogies such as problem-based learning, project-based learning, and game-based learning into your classroom

Don't just survive your first years in the classroom; thrive.

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