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New to the SACRED Framework? This Crash Course is a great place to get started!

In summary, the SACRED Framework is a set of six principles that consolidate so much of what we’ve come to understand about how the brain learns best. Understanding these principles helps to craft more engaging, impactful, and effective lessons for students… helps us to support our colleagues as they strive to improve their own instructional practices… and helps us to understand how we personally learn best.

The six SACRED principles that you’ll be learning more about are:





Executive Function


…and while you are likely familiar with some of these concepts, terms, and ideas, it’s the brain-based context that really shines a light on what works, and what doesn’t.

This Crash Course is comprised of a single course module — a 7:30 minute video that endeavors to give you as comprehensive a tour of the SACRED Framework as possible in just a few minutes. Proceed to the Crash Course content to get started now!

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