You're Pretending You're NOT a Pizza Based Learner.

Okay, so somehow, you resisted the urge to select the unbelievably tempting pizza-based responses on the pizza-based learning quiz.  (Astonishing!)  And at this point, you must surely be wondering what on earth this is all about.

Is this some kind of twisted teacher joke?  Is Pizza Based Learning actually a thing?  Am I going to get any pizza out of this?

Answers in the order in which the questions were posed: Yes. Sort of. And no.

Yes, this is a goofy quiz that hopefully brought some light to your day... and that hopefully also brought light to the fact that we, as humans, love to categorize ourselves and each other.  You have to admit, there is something charming about the prospect of a short quiz bringing new insights into what kind of "learner" we might be.  And as it turns out, this is exactly why the theory of learning styles became so wildly popular... but when we consult the research literature, there is no indication that learning styles actually exist.  

Put another way, you're as likely to be a "visual learner" or an "auditory learner" as you are to be a "pizza-based learner." These things are made up. We might like the thought... but they're made up.

If your initial reaction to this information is skepticism, that's a good sign!  In means you're thinking -- one of the critical attributes of a true pizza based learner.  You should definitely do your own research to evaluate and substantiate the claim that learning styles don't exist, especially if the thought turns your world upside down.  (If you're looking for a good place to start, Pashler et al. offer some great insights!)

And, if you're hungry for more, that's also a good sign!  (Being hungry is yet another critical attribute of pizza based learners.)  Check out Pizza, Pedagogy, and the Brain for a deep dive into the six SACRED principles of brain-based learning, and for many more compelling surprises about how our brains learn best.  Fyi, learning styles are discussed (and debunked) on page 102!

You can order your copy here, or if you'd like to start reading for free, request a sample here!

You might also like to dive right in and learn more about the six SACRED principles of brain-based learning via this completely free crash course.  (There is a more comprehensive course available too, but the crash course is definitely the best place to start.)

So... are you a pizza based learner after all?

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